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My Work

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delft Replica Tile Magnets

Authentic Royal Delft ceramics are identified with a capital D.  My blue and white tiles are in the Delft style, hence the lower case d.

This is a coil built bowl.  The visible coils  resemble fiddleheads as well as the color enhances that visual.


RBG Soup Mug

The pattern for this Soup Mug was inspired by one of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's fabulous collars.  The style reminds me of ancient armor.  I can see why she labeled this collar "I dissent".


Fiddlehead Coil Bowl

Cream & Sugar

My spin (pun intended) on the traditional cream and sugar set.  Braided handles, feet and a knob on the lid of the sugar bowl. 

This set is made with a speckled stoneware, glazed with Merlot and Celadon Froth and this glaze never comes out the same way twice.


Soap Dishes


These soap dishes were made with a cream stoneware.  Slab built with a crochet doily impressed design. 

The lip allows the excess water from the soap to drip back into the sink. 

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